Craft Beer at Cold Water Brewery

Cold Water Brewery is an all grain brewing operation hand-crafting each of our distinct beers on site.  Our 7 barrel brew house is constantly in use producing roughly 200 gallons of fresh-tasting beer per batch.  Through both our own production as well as a variety of guest handles we pride ourselves on offering a wide and well curated selection with something for everyone. Have any questions? Our friendly staff is here to help point you in the direction of the best beer for you and assure that you leave satisfied. Cold Water Brewery, where beer equals community.

Cold Water’s Craft Beer

Tahoe Cross IPA
Our big, dank, hoppy IPA has a golden color, lots of malty sweetness and is loaded with an insane amount of hops per barrel.
ABV 7.2% IBU High

 Lake it Easy Pilsner
Crisp. Floral. Light.
IBU Low 5.6%

Stillwater Stout
Coffee, Caramel & Chocolate
ABV 6% IBU Medium

Pool Pong Pale Ale
Summer Pale. Stonefruit, Floral, Citrus.
ABV 5.4% IBU Medium

It’s All Pine by Me IPA
Piney flavor. Hint of Citrus. Golden Color
ABV 7.1% IBU High

Freel Good IPA
Citrus, Mango and Passion Fruit flavors combine with big malt backbone making a complex and delicious beer.
ABV 6.7% IBU High

Big Witbier
Hazy color. Hints of Coriander & Orange.
ABV 6.3% IBU Low

Mr. Toads Wild Rye
A light amber colored beer with a touch of rye. Malt forward with grassy flavors, a hint of spice.
ABV 5% IBU medium

Caramel. Biscuit. Mild Fruit. Malty. Rich red color.
ABV 5.3% IBU Medium

Light in the Lederhosen Kölsch
Munich & Pilsner Malts. Crisp, Balanced.
ABV 4.7% IBU Low

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